About Niles

Niles was born from the planning and development of a car wash for a new era by car specialists who have experience in sales related to foreign car dealers, paints, and equipment.

car cleaning

A liquid agent that anyone can easily wash a car that is kind to the earth, the environment, and the car We have independently developed a liquid agent that does not use any water, for the purpose of waterless car washing and can also be coated. Revolutionary car wash technology.

car shampoo

In addition to washing your car, you can also give the body and windows the ultimate shine and smoothness. Among them, the coating effect is overwhelmingly excellent, and the coating layer increases with each use, realizing better body luster and skin. We use our proprietary waterless Niles (cleaner) and microfiber car wash cloth. With just 120ml of Niles WASH HOUR and a car wash cloth, it is possible to "wash" one car.