how to use

*Please prepare two types of microfiber cloths, one for removing dirt and one for wiping.

spray on body


(1) After spraying about 3 pushes to lightly moisten the microfiber cloth, spray the body while moving the bottle so that the liquid spreads evenly around a 50 cm square.

* Spray a lot of bird droppings and sticky mud locally and wait for a while before blowing it up.
* Do not spray the entire body at once.
*Please be careful when using in strong winds.

microfiber cloth


②Wait for about 5 seconds, then use a folded microfiber cloth to wipe it in one direction as if scooping up the dirt.

*Wipe as evenly as possible.
*If the cloth becomes dirty, change it to a clean surface and work on it.

car cleaning


③ After blowing off the dirt, before the remaining liquid dries, polish it in a circular motion with a cloth for wiping.

* If the remaining liquid dries, it may cause stains.
* If the body is extremely hot, the liquid will evaporate and cause stains.
* It can also be used for cleaning the inside of the car.
* It can be used even from the top of the body with water.